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Dan Lowe has been designing and constructing houses for over 25 years. Anyone can tell that it is not just a house of excellence. But a home personalized for a family waiting to create memories long after the sale closes. Legends West Subdivision is an ideal neighborhood to raise families or observe a younger generation grow. Located a block west of Central Avenue and Shiloh Road intersection makes it a great location to set up a homestead in an ever growing city.

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When my wife asked me to build her a home, for 6 months I said no.  I didn’t want the stress and I had been told by everyone that by the end you will hate your builder who seems great to work with when you start.  After 6 months I gave in to my wife and we began the project.  From the start to the end Dan Lowe was great to work with.  He made the process easy.  We went through change after change on the plans, even after the foundation was laid and Dan just kept making things happen.  Dan gave us a list to work through and time lines to make decisions and pick things out. This made things a lot easier and less stressful.  There will always be a few delays and hiccups along the way.  That is simply the nature of building, but Dan got us through them.  Today we love our new home.  The workmanship is excellent as Dan uses only the best subcontractors in town, who were also great to work with.  I can safely say it will be some time before we build our next home, but when we do it will be with Dan Lowe Construction.

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